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Do you know what you’re putting on your body when it comes to using a lube? Most likely not. Your body is a sponge and what you put on it (or in it), it absorbs. So why not use the best lube out there, one that’s all natural, organic, non-gmo and vegan. Since Looby Tooby By Dr.Groovy is coconut oil based, there’s no clean up, it just moisturizes into your skin leaving you feeling smooth and satisfied. Looby Tooby By Dr.Groovy not only tastes great, but will take your love making to the next level... Literally! 

Dr.Groovy has been getting down for years, and knows what’s up when it comes to- you know, getting busy. The doc formulated the perfect mixture of all natural ingredients to keep the mojo flowing. The best part? Looby Tooby is travel friendly! So you can get frisky wherever you go!

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