You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers:  

Q: Is Looby Tooby all natural ?
A: Yes! There are no chemicals in our products. Please recycle!

Q: I am expecting! What should I know?
A: We recommend to always consult your OBGYN first or your family doctor .

Q: Can I bring LOOBY TOOBY to a dinner party or birthday party?
A: Well yes you can . Looby Tooby is travel friendly . You can put it in your purse, glove box or pocket . Looby Tooby after a Couple of glasses of wine usually comes out anyway .

Q: Is Looby Tooby edible?
A: Yes! Looby Tooby is all natural from mother earth, and tastes GREAT!

Q: How much Looby Tooby should I play with myself or significant other or others of BFF's?
A: You can use as much Looby Tooby as you would like. What we recommended putting about a quarter size in the palm of your hand . A little does go a long way. Then from there you will know how much you like for round 2, 3, hell all night lonnnnng!

Q: Is Looby Tooby carry on approved or tsa approved?
A: Yes it is ! You are allowed to bring liquids , gels , creams, pastes through TSA as long as it is in travel sized containers that are 3.4 ounces or less per item . Our product is 3.3 ounces . So you can leave for Vegas with it, Cabo or Miami no problem!

Q: Are there spermicides in Looby Tooby?
A: No. There are no spermicides in Looby Tooby.

Q: Is Looby Tooby latex compatible?
A: No. Looby Tooby is not latex compatible because of the coconut oil base. We encourage safe sex., always get tested.

Q: Can I get weird with my sex toys when I am home alone? With Looby Tooby?
A: Well yes you can and we recommend it!!!!

Q: Is Looby Tooby music friendly?
A: Hell yes it is! Crank some Barry White and have some fun!

Q: Is Looby Tooby gluten free?
A: Yes! Our product is naturally gluten free . 

Important Facts To Know:

The shelf life for Looby Tooby is 2 years.

Looby Tooby is organic

Looby Tooby is non-GMO… which means Looby Tooby is made without ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms

Coconut oil changes with temperature. It changes from a liquid to a solid very easily. When it gets above 74 degrees F or 23 degrees C it becomes a liquid. When the coconut oil gets below 69 degrees F or 20 degrees C it becomes a solid.

Liquid or solid, the characteristics do not alter the consistency of coconut oil.

Do not put Looby Tooby in direct sunlight

You can put Looby Tooby in the fridge to cool it down

If irritation or discomfort occurs, consult your doctor and stop using Looby Tooby

Looby Tooby is NOT animal tested.